-Beautiful Food Chain- Eto - 干支


This series was created based on my imagination: "If all living things are a food chain starting from insects that come to suck nectar from flowers, it must be beautiful, and all living things are composed of flowers.
It is the series that best represents my theme of "CIRCULATION,
CIRCULATION" and is also the series that I have been working with the longest in my career as an artist.
I depict the creatures of the Chinese zodiac as a cycle that goes beyond the food chain.

这个系列是根据我的想象创作的: "如果所有生物都是一条食物链,从昆虫来花朵中吮吸花蜜开始,那么它一定是美丽的,所有生物都是由花朵组成的。
这是最能体现我的主题 "循环 "的系列作品、
循环 "的主题,也是我艺术生涯中创作时间最长的一个系列。